Banco de Chile lost $10M in SWIFT money transfer hack


The IT systems of the Banco de Chile were infiltrated by the hackers with a disk-wiping malware to cover-up the theft of $10M using the international SWIFT network.

It was in late May that the bank notified its need to disconnect work-stations and suspend several regular procedures to control the spread of the virus which already took out the branch and telephonic banking systems.

The KillDisk virus is said to have affected a major portion of the 9000 computers and 500 servers of the bank, wiping hard drives and leaving them inactive.

Eduardo Ebensperger, Banco de Chile confirms: “We found some strange transactions in the Swift system. There we realized that the virus was not necessarily the underlying issue, but apparently wanted to defraud the bank.”

In an attempt to retrieve the stolen funds, the Chilen bank is taking legal action against an unnamed correspondent in Hong Kong.


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