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BNP Paribas partners with MGI to launch AI FX index

BNP Paribas has partnered with Millennium Global Investments (MGI) to launch BNP Paribas MGI Systematic Currency Alpha Index, a foreign exchange index that works...

Nomura invests in AI-led trading venture

Nomura has invested in AI startup venture AIM2 which uses robotics and machine learning to build automated trading tools for financial markets. The startup set...

Nationwide to launch AI assistant

British mutual financial institution Nationwide Building Society is looking to launch an AI-based virtual assistant to respond to the inquiries of first-time home buyers. ...

TD personalize its app with new AI-powered chatbot

TD Bank Group (TD) is introducing TD Clari ("Clari"), a new artificial intelligence-powered chatbot integrated into its banking app to offers a more personalized experience...

TD Ameritrade partners with Tencent’s WeChat in America

Successfully launching its first WeChat experience in Hong Kong, U.S. brokerage firm TD Ameritrade is partnering with Tencent agian to bring investor education, financial market...