France and UK Compete for AI Dominance in Europe


Xavier Niel, the French billionaire and chairman of the Iliad group, has revealed plans to host an AI conference in Paris in November. This coincides with the timing of Britain’s AI Safety Summit.

The French conference reportedly enjoys sponsorship from the US chipmaking giant NVIDIA, and it aligns with Niel’s commitment to invest €200 million in AI.

While the UK’s AI Safety Summit is scheduled for November 1-2 at Bletchley Park, the French conference will take place on November 17 at Station F.

The Paris conference, launched by Scaleway, a part of the Iliad Group, aims to showcase recent advancements in AI, decipher the impact of the latest AI models on the business landscape, and anticipate emerging trends. It proudly positions itself as the inaugural European AI conference.

The UK’s AI Safety Summit will bring together tech executives, government leaders, and experts to discuss innovations and future AI solutions, marking a significant event in the field.

Claire Trachet, CEO of the business advisory firm, Trachet, said that this French move “marks a very important moment for the UK, especially in terms of recognizing that there are other players across Europe also hoping to catch up with the US in the AI space.”


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