Mastercard rebrands its logo without company’s name


Mastercard has removed the company’s name from its logo as a part of the revamp to welcome the rise of the digital banking era.

A recent research conducted by the card giant revealed that more than three-quarters of people could recognize the brand from the two interlocking circles alone.

Mastercard chief marketing and communication officer Raja Rajamannar says: “Reinvention in the digital age calls for modern simplicity. And with more than 80 percent of people spontaneously recognizing the Mastercard symbol without the word ‘Mastercard’ we felt ready to take this next step in our brand evolution.”

It was only two years ago that the firm did a full rebrand by the design studio, Pentagram. With the latest update to the logo, the designers hope to generate a brand identity similar to that of Apple, Target or Nike, where the the brands are easily recognised with the logo alone.


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