Fintech Select to go with physical bitcoins


Canadian fintech firm Fintech Select Ltd. has unveiled its plan on launching physical Bitcoin product alongside its Selectcoin closed loop swipe card. In an announcement earlier, the company had clued that it is on its way to produce physical Bitcoin project in stealth mode and now the company affirms the statement, that they received the first shipment of Physical Bitcoins.

The firm believes that this physical version will attract a larger audience to the growing digital economy.

These physical coins will be embedded with fractional amounts of Bitcoin and interconnected to a single wallet.

The company believes that it has quite timed well and expects to capitalize the situation as Bitcoins are reaching all time highs these days.

Recently, Fintech Select has also launched blockchain-based Selectcoin cryptocurrency POS platform.

The Canada-based firm also provides products like pre-paid card programs and mobile banking solutions. With the boom in the crypto economy, it has also jumped into the blockchain space to take advantage of the massively hyped economy.


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