Insurance carriers! Need a unified digital front office solution? Take this ConVista-Digital Fineprint combo


ConVista’s OneDigitalOffice digital front office platform, moves up one notch higher in performance rating.

With its recent partnership with Digital Fineprint, a London, UK based Insurtech startup, an industry standard technology solution for insurance retailing comes into reality.

The software platform uses consumers’ social media information to optimize the insurance policy purchasing journey and combined with OneDigitalOffice, the facility enables insurance companies to compete effectively in this age of digital disruption by creating a unified digital front office solution.

No matter which class of insurance or product an insurance provider is offering in the market, OneDigitalOffice is a comprehensive platform for any underwriting and can be conveyed via any distribution channel.

The facility can inter-network the entire operational nodes of an insurance corporation – sales, service, first notice of loss and 3rd party access.

A major advantage of OneDigitalOffice, is that it unifies all of insurance carrier’s customer engagement touchpoints onto a single platform. Result? Radically reduced front office complexity, IT costs and e-portals, mobile apps and website accessing downtime.

Built on a modern Java-based architecture, OneDigitalOffice offers an exciting, easy-to-use, interface on demand by anyone using a smartphone and needs to access the company’s core systems for information.

It totally avoids the complexity of legacy environments.

Collaborated with Digital Fineprint of London, UK, the leading solution provider for Social Media autofill, the service provides for one-click auto filling of user content based on Facebook or LinkedIn content.

Digital Fineprint’s groundbreaking predictive analytics turns social data into usable insurance data to optimize the process of purchasing an insurance policy online.

ConVista’s OneDigitalOffice is designed to easily integrate with InsurTech’s software allowing companies like Digital Fineprint to plugin and to deliver great value faster to insurance companies and their consumers,” said “Jonathan Kalman, Chief Digital Office of ConVista.

“Our solution is proven to increase the amount and quality of new quotations for insurance companies,” said Erik Abrahamson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Fineprint, continuing, “following our work with Allianz, MetLife and other major insurers, we are thrilled to be partnering with ConVista’s OneDigitalOffice to deliver this capability to many more insurance companies worldwide.”

OneDigitalOffice integrated with Digital Fineprint is currently available for those interested to apply.


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