Da Vinci Card, the new ‘code’ against card frauds!


It all began in the mind of a Security Officer at Westpac Main.

The man: Simon Hewitt. The date: Late 2015. And, the invention he came up with? A payment card that would become the ‘mother of all payment cards’ and what data managers would eventually call it as the ‘masterpiece of innovation that actually works”.

To cut a long story short, code named, the ‘Da Vinci Card’, (pun unintended?), this payment card developed by Hewitt, not only provides the user linked source funding but also ensures a choice of features including security from card compromise and card frauds.

What started as a pet project of Simon Hewitt, as he served office in the Security Dept of Westpac Main, the card was born as ScramCard, a solution to credit card frauds.

Soon, it was re-launched in its present avatar, as Da Vinci card and now carries additional features that helps the owner link up to eight payment cards to it as Da Vinci Choice Master card, and comes with an e-display, touch numerical keypad and battery.

The user can choose from any of the linked cards for making payments. Once the card is chosen, then the user presses the POS button and enters the Da Vinci Card’s PIN, which has been generated by an OTP for the transaction.

The card also supports contactless necessitating the customer to press a tap and fork out buttons to enter Da Vinci code just before a transaction.

In the meantime, for the web and phone buys, the card generates a single time expiry date and CVV number.

The card is now on the temptation list for the Brits at a cost of £75, as registration is fast-moving towards its arrival, early 2018.

According to Hewitt, right now, the market is halting two-thirds of card frauds but criminals have designed off with virtually £300 billion in card frauds, during the first half of 2017 alone. It is high time that such crime is put an end to.

“I’ve witnessed at first hand, how easily folks fall as sufferers to frauds. Even if the funds were returned, it’s a big hassle and leaves folks in the lurch with their personal funds. Our proposition is the basic – do the job with us to lower economical fraud of your wallet”, he added.


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