Amazon looks to bring its digital wallet in brick-and-mortar stores


According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is looking to get its brick-and-mortar retailers to adopt its mobile payment system for in-store purchases by offering incentives.

With the move, AmazonPay will be directly rivaling against similar payment services like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and the Starbucks mobile app.

Reportedly, the mobile payments provider also has its eye on restaurants, gas stations, and other stores that wouldn’t consider it a direct competitor. Amazon is already offering merchants lower payment-processing fees and marketing services to get them on board.

Already known for highly satisfying customers, Amazon is moving further in blurring the boundaries between retail and financial services. The new services will surely shake up the industry considering the fact that a recent study revealed that 65% of its Prime customers are willing to open a bank account with the e-commerce giant.


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