‘The Doctor is In, Please Wait’, could well be the sign at BBVA’S website after its unique launch of B’CONOMY!


Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. (BBVA), the second largest bank in Spain, and  a pioneer in digital services has rolled out, for the first time, an on-line tool that allows customers to get their financial health check up done on the go!

Called B’CONOMY, it is an investigative tool in the app and the web of BBVA that provides made-to-order measures for improving one’s financial life performance.

Quoting that BBVA realizes that money is the principal reason for stress, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Director of Digital Transformation, points out that B’CONOMY is aligned with BBVA’S goal of creating new opportunities for customers by indicating their financial stress points and guiding them to maintain a better control of the situation, by encouraging more savings.

B’CONOMY not only examines the financial status but also provides with an X-ray report kind of thing to its clients. It grades the financial fitness of the consumer, where a score of less than 50% is indicative of poor health.

A score of 50% specifies satisfactory financial condition with a need to increase the savings.

Along with the diagnosis BBVA Bconomy also helps the customer deliver the ‘treatment to the disease’ with personalized recommendations.

BBVA Bconomy aims to put before its valued customers all the necessary information that helps them take informed decisions.

The four variables considered:

  • Monthly savings
  • Economic freedom of the customer
  • Expenditure on housing
  • Loan on delayed card payments.

The client’s score on each of the above-said variable is obtained by detailed analysis of the monthly income and expenditure patterns.

Keeping in mind the score the tool provides an action plan for the customer.

BBVA B’CONOMY also caters to provide its customers a socio-demographic comparison with people in their vicinity with similar age, gender, salary range and zip code.

This comparison sets a yardstick for the user to elevate his/her performance and implement solution that will help them to better their financial situation.

Elena Alfaro, director of Data & Analytics and Open Innovation at BBVA commented “The intelligent use of data provides personalization, relevance and improved decision-making. We want customers to understand and control their finances, so that they are more relaxed as they met their objectives.”

With such a handy tool to his/her favour, the user will surely be benefitted and better placed as far as money matters (and hence, overall health) are concerned.


Starting now, all one has to do to get one’s falling health symptoms diagnosed, (in a manner of speaking), is to visit the BBVA website and take a few clinical tests at B’CONOMY.

No need for an appointment!


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