Fiserv acquires Skytef


Fiserv, a global leader in payments and financial technology, has announced the acquisition of Skytef, the primary distributor of Software Express’s SiTef® (Solução Inteligente de Transferência Eletrônica de Fundos) in Brazil. This acquisition will strengthen Fiserv’s distribution network in the country, adding relationships with over 600 ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partners and approximately 27,000 merchants, bringing the total number of partners to over 1,000.

The acquisition also adds expertise in Traditional Terminal, Android Point of Sale (APOS), and Multi-merchant solutions that allow terminal applications to be shared by multiple merchants using the same device.

This combination will benefit Fiserv partners by improving operational efficiency and expanding the range of products and services they can offer to add value to businesses. It will also enhance Fiserv’s capacity to support large clients with complex after-sales demands.

“We want to add even more value to our clients and partners, expanding our current and future portfolio of solutions with a highly qualified team that values relationships”, says Jorge Valdivia, General Manager for Brazil at Fiserv.

Fiserv’s decision to work more closely with Skytef is based on its wide range of capabilities across payment and commerce channels. Additionally, Fiserv has exclusively offered Software Express solutions for 21 years, especially in sectors like drugstores, food service, and clothing, among others.

Partners and distributors will have the opportunity to increase their revenue with new products and services, including instant payments (Pix), Carat (an omnichannel payment ecosystem), and acquiring and issuing processing. They will also have a closer relationship with Fiserv, gaining access to training and skilled staff.


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