EBA Clearing and Intesa Sanpaolo debut Pan-EU instant payment platform


Business houses throughout Europe will soon be able to conduct payment processing transactions 24/7, 365 days – thanks to an all-new real time processing engine which will be introduced by the leading payment infrastructure service provider team from FEBA Clearing and Intesa Sanpaolo.

A highly flexible solution for payment products in Euro, and which conform to European Payments Council SCT Inst Scheme and ISO 20022, the platform will facilitate account-servicing payment service providers all over SEPA to transact payment operations to global messaging standards and in real-time frequencies.

Already an established leader in pan-European payment infrastructure solutions, EBA Clearing manages two Systematically Important Payment Systems (SIPS), and has been fully acknowledged for tireless performance as a reliable pan-EU system for high-value, high volume Euro payment transactions. The system operates through its two celebrated platforms, EURO1 and STEP2, which have proven to be a boon for financial institutions across the EU, to conduct fail-safe credit transfer and direct debit procedures in the Union’s own recognised currency .

With the first test results working in favour of the infrastructure builders, a promising future awaits end-users throughout Europe, to enjoy the power of banking through payment platforms that work seamlessly throughout the days and nights of an entire calendar year.


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