American Express pilots biometrics for online transactions


American Express is set to conduct a pilot program for the use of facial and fingerprint recognition to authenticate users at online checkouts.

This biometric functionality has been integrated into the card scheme’s SafeKey 3-D Secure authentication tool. Fingerprint and facial recognition for SafeKey were developed using web authentication technologies from the Fido Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium, which are supported on all major web browsers.

The pilot program will be available to a select number of US customers who have undergone security validation during the SafeKey checkout process and are using a device and browser that supports facial and fingerprint recognition. These features will be rolled out to all US cardholders in early 2024.

J.J. Kieley, vice president of digital identity & commerce experiences at American Express says, “We’re focused on developing solutions that keep us one step ahead of fraudsters. Now, checking out safely and securely is as easy as unlocking your phone. SafeKey’s biometric facial and fingerprint recognition minimizes friction while maximizing security for our card members at checkout. It’s how we check in when you checkout.”


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