Single-window facility for multiple financing plans : New from Flexxbuy.


Customers looking for the best financing plan for their large purchases can now sit back and relax – Flexxbuy has come up with a ‘single-window’ platform for them to choose from a wide range of lenders, offering different kinds of credit products, in the marketplace.

A great relief to customers who earlier went through the rigour of calling various lenders and speaking with different family members about the pros and cons of different loan options, the new Flexxbuy offer business customers with prime credit, subprime credit and non-credit credit to individuals virtually at sight.

Thanks to the various relationships with lenders, Flexxbuy is able to offer businesses’ customers with offers even up to 10 different lenders via its online application and loan process.

Launched recently as a prime offer to enhance customer relationships and benefits, Lexxbuy’s president, Bob Lovinger, commented, “ We built Flexxbuy with the goal of helping small and medium-sized businesses get more consumers through the door and sold by providing as many payment options as possible beyond the standard options currently available. Consumers simply do not have the same buying capacity as they did prior to the recession, and many don’t want to drain or utilize what they do have.”

Coming soon from Flexxbuy will be another ‘all-in-one’ lending platform which will address the needs of merchants and will sync them with customers looking for the best options in financing and credit plans.


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