Card data of 69,000 Pakistani bank users leak on Dark Web


Threat intelligence firm Group IB has revealed that the data of 69,189 Pakistani bank cards worth a street value of about $3.5 million has gone up for sale on Dark Web site named Joker’s Stash.

The dark-site is reported to be selling off the PIN card and mag-stripe data to make cloned cards for about $50 per card.

The new dump is the second biggest, following a massive leak in November 2018 that compromised the data of more than 177,878 payment cards users. The data breach that took place in the Pakistani banking community over the past three months, affected many major Pakistani banks including Habib Bank, MCB Bank Limited and Allied Bank Limited.

The Federal Investigation Agency of the nation has confirmed in November that card data from almost all banks were stolen during an unspecified cyberattack.


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