Burger King faster than Big Mac in taking mobile-based orders, payments


Order by mobile phone. Pay by mobile phone. Pick it up as you drive in, drive out. Or get it delivered at your doorstep.

Burger King food menu now comes to you with this new and exciting online feature – for order, payment and delivery.

Scoring a point over the nearest rival McDonald’s, the leading fast food chain has already put in place a neat digitization infrastructure for taking orders and processing them in a jiffy, to enhance day-to-day business.

Commencing in the Miami area, the system was pilot-tested and snag-proofed nearly one year ago. Today Burger King food chain outlets nationwide in the USA are gearing up for the roll-out.

Taking cue of the new consumer preferences for the laid-back convenience of order-by-phone, pay-by-phone and pick-up on way out, kind of lifestyle, the leading pizza outlet, Domino’s and coffee retailer, Starbucks had already adopted the system some months ago.

The burger outlets were lagging behind with the technology.

MacDonald’s, it is learnt, is bring out its own customized software of the program for its mobile-based payment model be end 2017.

The focus has been to ensure that the customers enjoy a ‘seamless experience and more convenience’, according to a spokesperson of McDonald’s.

The technology will allow the customer to order by phone, pay by phone and then pick up the order as he/she drives thru or at the front counter or kerbside delivery.

As for Burger King, the marketing personnel feel that the mobile app would help reach out to more customers.

All said, online technology and mobile apps have made life easier for the smart generation – to choose between Burger King and McDonald’s, at the flip of the fingers.

The ease of purchasing ahead of time and paying for food without need of a card or cash, is a major move in customer service, industry experts feel.


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