Visa credit card ban: US retailer Kroger looks to extend its policy


Following the ban of Visa credit cards at its Foods Co. over interchange fees, UK’s supermarket giant Kroger is considering extending its policy to more locations.

With the nation’s largest grocery chain butting heads with the cards-giant over transactions fees, shoppers will not be able to you their Visa Credit cards from the chain’s subsidiary, Foods Co., in California.

Kroger CIO Chris Hjelm says: “It’s pretty clear we need to move down this path, and if we have to expand that beyond Foods Co., we’re prepared to take that step. We don’t believe we have a choice but to use whatever mechanism possible to get it back in alignment.”

Later in a statement, Visa commented on this as a “disappointment” and they remain “committed to working with Kroger to reach a reasonable solution”.

“When consumer choice is limited, nobody wins. Our goal is to protect the interests of our cardholders to ensure they can use their Visa credit cards wherever they shop. Visa remains committed to working with Kroger to reach a reasonable solution,” the company added.


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