Vipps partners with Nets for electronic invoicing


Norwegian payments app has partnered with Danish payments firm Nets to develop new invoicing and bill payments options in the country.

The Danish firm’s digital invoicing solution, eFaktura can deliver about 100 million invoices annually. With the partnership, eFaktura will be available on Vipps platforms as well.

Frode Åsheim, Norway country director, Nets, says: “Almost 180 million invoices are being delivered on paper or PDF in Norway every year. Consequently, many consumers forget to pay on time, creating cash flow issues for creditors. By combining the functionality of Vipps and eFaktura we are reaching more consumers, particularly young people.”

Rune Garborg, CEO of Vipps, comments: “We believe that this agreement will contribute to digitising all paper and email-based invoices in Norway. In the longer term, our ambition is to make the physical invoice obsolete. This partnership will create cost-savings for both corporates and consumers.”


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