Westpac launches ‘designer’ payment wearables


Westpac is launching a designer range of payment-enabled wearables dubbed ‘Centsitive Objects’, which designed by Sydney-based entrepreneur Hayden Cox.

The hands-free and battery-free payment accessories are priced between $20-$30 and come in five possible styles- a convertible two-in-one keychain, silicone tag, iron or sew-on patch, iconic safety pin design and an ultra-minimalist option attached to a keeper with four interchangeable designs.

Jenny Melhuish, Head of Group Brand, Advertising & Media, Westpac says: “We know personal style and choice matters to our customers; in fact we’ve found 38% of Australians find style important when it comes to wearable devices, and 71% would use a wearable if it fits their personal style and lifestyle.”


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