Trump signs new Executive Order on Cyber Security


The days of internet hacking and cyber crime will see a respite in the coming days in the USA and elsewhere, thanks to an executive order signed by President Donald Trump, a few days ago.

The order seeks to accelerate the efforts of the Government on cyber security and guard the country’s digital infrastructure from hackers and cyber attacks.

Recalling the forewarning that has been in the industry for years, opinion leaders observe the mover as a ‘significant’ action on the part of the Trump government to stop cyber crime. The subject has been given top priority by the new President and his administration.

With the arrival of this heightened awareness on security and measures taken therein, the biggest benefactor would be the banking and financial industry, observed sources.

The move seeks to get the co-operation of the international community as well, so as to streamline and ensure a larger footprint for the security measures.

A national program has been developed along with a powerful framework, to be adapted and adopted by the various federal agencies, the order said. The framework has been developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in order to assess threats.

In order to protect oneself in this high security initiative, the order also forewarns the federal agencies to examine the repercussions of sharing information technology and motivates them to work in cooperation with private sector to develop counter strategies against cyber crime.

The Government order has put in place a timeline of 90 days for this implementation.


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