Starling revamps its debit card


Starling Bank has revamped its debit cards, drifting away from its trademark purple color and flipping the card to a vertical axis.

The redesign, which the bank says will reflect the way consumers use their card in ATMs and card machines.

The teal cards will be for the bank’s consumer accounts, while the business accounts will be in navy blue. With the customer details, including their name, card number and expiry date, on the back of the card improve the security by making it harder for spies to copy personal information.

Mark Day, the bank’s art director says: “Design usually evolves to solve something or to meet new needs, and bank cards don’t look the way they do by accident. They were designed landscape because of the way old card machines worked, and they’re embossed with raised numbers so they could be printed onto a sales voucher. But we don’t use those machines anymore, so when you think about it, a landscape card is just a solution to a ‘problem’ that no longer exists.”


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