Home Announcements Sienna Systems takes Ninad Karpe on Board; aims to put Slonkit sky-high

Sienna Systems takes Ninad Karpe on Board; aims to put Slonkit sky-high

Sienna Systems takes Ninad Karpe on Board; aims to put Slonkit sky-high

‘Teaching young people the art of smart money management from a very early age’ – has been the unique objective of Sienna Systems, the first app of its kind in India, which advices its flagship brand, Slonkit.

Now, with Ninad Karpe, the former MD /CEO of Aptech joining this company’s Board as its Chief, things are going to be ‘high-flying’  for this unique money management app, which has a collaborative link to the physical Visa Card and consequently commands a presence throughout the length and breadth of the country.

According to Ninad, there is no such software tool present at the moment in India which can train teenagers and young adults, the art of managing their money and train them to budget in a smart way so that they are made financially prudent, like never before.

Slonkit will fill this void and even help parents let children manage their funds while independently, while it lays down a set of practical guidelines and offers occasional tips.

Slonkit is designed to impart the highest safety and security within the system. The Slonkit card can be ordered from anywhere and can be controlled using the Slonkit mobile app. This makes it very convenient, appealing and a favourite money management tool for youngsters.

To Sienna Systems, the new CEO shall impart his wide experience from the edutech space which has seen the trail-blazing success of Aptech rise as a global brand in IT education and training, under his wings. It is noteworthy that Ninad helped Aptech expanded its footprint to over 1300 centres across 42 emerging countries. Prior to that, Ninad had worked for CA Technologies, a leading software company, and had been the company’s team-lead in India and SAARC countries.

Speaking about the new CEO’s arrival on Board, the Founder of Slonkit, Mr Javed Tapia, said, “I am sure his strategic guidance and direction would be invaluable for Slonkit to further strengthen its position as the “go-to” brand for youngsters to learn money management and prepare for the future, by practicing cashless transactions.”


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