New Canadian $10 bill, launched to exciting fanfare


In an exciting design format that matches the spirit of the launch time, the bank has ‘hidden’ an Easter Egg on its 3-D security page design for the new Canadian $10 currency note! The note comes with several advanced security features and has been presented as a mark of pride, respect and honour to the Canadian spirit of excellence. The new note celebrates Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation.

What’s more, even yesteryear’s popular video games can be inspiration source for bank managers to attract attention to their launch fanfare and security management. As a bonus excitement to the launch, the bank, in its site, displays a page that takes-off on the cheat code in ‘Gradius’, the video game which commanded large fan following in the 80’s.

The web page, shows a 360-degree view of the new bill, along with valuable information regarding the faces shown on the design. The exciting attraction is that, all those who enter the so-called ‘Konami Code’, in the specified format and as it first appeared way back in 1986 in the game, Gradius, (and was mercilessly exploited by cheats), will encounter a ‘blizzard of the new $10 notes’, which will stream down the screen to the accompaniment of ‘O Canada’, the country’s national anthem!


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