Seismic Foundry scouts promising Fintech start-ups for capital market; offers SEIS/EIS tax benefits


Seismic Foundry, launched by a team of the capital market experts, is focussing on Fintech start-ups with promising futures, for new funding initiatives.

A set of special funding schemes, titled, Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), with tax benefits, are proving to be the ideal gateways for these capital market entrepreneurs to make a galloping pitch into this emerging opportunity.

Seismic Foundry, co-founded by a team of industry stalwarts, each with their impressive track-records in respective areas of financial markets and investment funding, was launched as late in May 2017, and is already making a headway into the Fintech investment funding space, according to industry circles.

The primary areas addressed by the firm are business development, market contacts and networking, management consultancy, corporate governance and strategy planning.

As for some of the eligible start-ups, this package of support services has come as a dream-come-true, with a direct links now possible to the top-ranked brains behind Seismic Foundry – Bill Templer, Brendan Bradley, Cathryn Lyall, Dave Feltes and Jeff Gale among others.

What’s more, Seismic Foundry, is also working with City investors to implement the Fintech-focused SEIS and EIS fund, which will offer tax-efficient benefits to potential investors coming into the Fintech space.

According to a mission statement released by Seismic Foundry, the corporate plans are well-defined and strategically positioned. “Our collaborative partnership-driven environment ensures that firms in which funds are invested have a shareholder base already involved in capital markets. Given the large number of start-ups and new technology initiatives, Seismic Foundry will also provide a Fintech Information service, which aggregates, filters and distils information on Fintech start-ups for our retained clients.”, so goes an extract.



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