‘Door delivery’ – the new, fresh and juicy BigMac special!


It was coming anytime then, now it has arrived!

BigMacs, fries, beverages, desserts are now zipping across town to arrive at your doorstep – fresh and tasty – thanks to the one-call McDelivery Program, in partnership with UberEats, a network that covers around 1000 restaurants across the USA.

Continuing the initial phase of launch of the service, McDonald’s is now going full blown at  Los Angeles, Chicago, Columbus and Phoenix. Feedback is that the new add-on service is lapped up with mighty excitement, say BigMac fans all over.

Convenience is the keyword for success, in the fast-food business. And, no one knows that better than BigMac. The new delivery-to-your-door service, branded, McDelivery, assures guaranteed success as a digital app that makes it  easy to order, control, and personalize the order.

In fact, if there’s one thing that stands as a challenge in the system is the customer’s decision to choose which filling, flavour, toppings and add-ons to go into the order : a hard-to-beat choice, considering the vast range of options and combinations, ready on offer.

Describing the new facility, Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s President and CEO, has been quoted with the words, “We are bringing a new level of convenience to more of our customers as we continue to transform the McDonald’s experience. Through the ease of the UberEats app, our customers can enjoy their favorite McDonald’s foods delivered right to them — giving them greater choice, control and personalization than ever before.”

‘Delivered at your door’ could well become a way of life for fast food eaters across the USA and elsewhere, going by the way the service has attracted BigMac ‘luvers’, since the test-run, early Jan.

What’s more, consumer studies indicate that at McDonald’s and other fast food chains in Asia and the Middle East, door delivery has been a ‘done thing’ for over two decades.

The company’s own marketing figures show that Asia and the Middle East are the most-developed markets for the fast food giant. Combined, they generate as much as 40% of the revenues coming from door deliveries alone. The business turnover ran into $1billion in global revenues, in 2016.

Interestingly, Uber, too, has been kerbing along this path, for quite some time now. On top of the UberEats program, the company also has a deal in place with Kroger, to take care of the ‘last mile deliveries’ of the food and beverages to the customer. The arrangement via UberEats ensures BigMac, fresh food delivered smartly, efficiently and conveniently.

Kroger Co., boasts a large spread of grocery outlets from where a customer can simply order groceries online and have them picked up and delivered by an Uber driver.

C’mon, America! The sit-back-bite into the days of BigMac delivered to your doors, are here. So, take it fresh as they come, and holler, ‘I’m luvin’ it! even better!’


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